Writing activities using 5 senses

43 Our 5 Senses Vocabulary Words

Independent working time 10 minutes Have students complete the My Five Senses worksheets on their own. It will allow the reader to relate and give character insight. Ten great activities will have your students investigating with and thinking about their senses. Writing sinceshe has publications both online and in print.

First, on a piece of scrap paper, draw your face with eyes, nose, mouth and ears, and one hand.

Using our senses: A descriptive writing lesson

Collect words from your students that fall within each category. This is the lesson: On the weekends, she writes poetry and prose. Step 1 Teach preschoolers about the sense of sight by using lights, objects and pictures. Step 5 Preschoolers can learn about their sense of touch by feeling different materials and textures.

Green cabbage, bitter melon and spinach can be used as examples to teach the bitter taste. They may then take turns placing an object inside the container for a partner, and the partner may examine the objects while listening to guess which one might be inside.

Once the children locate the letters in their name, see if they can write the letters in the correct name order with a marker of their choice see photo above.

Write With Sound The most popular way to describe sounds in writing is with the use of onomatopoeia.

Five Senses

Do the children remember the scents from the smell alone. My four year finding bugs. That group will be in charge of completing the worksheet that goes with their sense and reporting back to the class. A collection of fabrics including fleece, burlap, silk or satin can be used to teach kids the difference between soft, rough and smooth.

Sight Describes how things look in your story it's simple, straight forward, and can add a significant layer of depth to any scene that will instantly plant your readers in the front row of what's happening.

The Five Senses

Remember, that the setting should reflect the tone of the scene you're writing, so choose descriptions of your characters' sensory experiences that reflect the mood you're trying to create in the scene. And the supply list for each lesson is clear, upfront and includes simple things you have around the house.

Turn lights on and off to show kids the difference between light and dark. Read this short online version of the tale and have your students color and cut out their own gingerbread men with the Gingerbread Man Coloring Page. Optical illusions can deceive the eyes. It all started with this book: Review the senses and what they do, then play the Five Senses Video.

Collections of sounds can be created or purchased in a store or online. Then allow them to place glue on the tummies of their gingerbread men and sprinkle spices such as ginger and cinnamon onto it.

Your children can even make their own version of the signs and key We really enjoyed the Garden of the Senses, but look what else the rest of the Botanical Garden had for us: Fully integrated to teach Liquid Glue Heavy Paper Small bowls and spoons one per spice used Have the kids write the letters of their name with liquid glue — assist younger children as necessary.

Two valuable tips about your using senses in writing: Sensory details are used best in conjunction – which is why the examples above contain more than one sense.

Touch and taste are the most specific of the senses, because they’re unique to the individual experiencing them.

How to Teach the Five Senses to Preschoolers

Sound, sight, and smell are available to others nearby. Activities to Support Reading Using the 5 Senses It can get quite boring for children to learn to read when all you use to teach them with are flashcards and worksheets. Children need to learn in. Great worksheet template for writing descriptive sentences using the five senses.

Welcome to ESL Printables, the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc. Science Grade Level(s) Kindergarten Unit Summary •.This unit will focus on the use of the five senses to develop a heightened awareness of the world.

Writing Activity via The Educators’ Spin On It All About Me Booklet via Tiny Tots Adventures Learning Names in Preschool with ALL 5 Senses! via The Preschool Toolbox Scratch and Sniff Names via Fun-A-Day Fun Kindergarten Math Activities [ ]. Using All Five Senses to Write About Strong Feelings By Julie Ballew.

Grades 3–5 Using Senses to Describe Feelings. If this pre-writing activity is any indication, I will certainly be blown away by what I read! What pre-writing activities have you tried? Let me know in the comments!

Julie Ballew. Grades. 3–5.

Writing activities using 5 senses
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