Whitlam government made a significant impact

Whereas in the United States civil rights legislation was enacted as the culmination of a rights struggle, the push for Australian racial equality was never accompanied by the emergence of a social movement, at least of equivalent scale. The judgment meant that no state law could validly extinguish or acquire native title rights in a way that discriminated on the basis of race.

It required a fourth attempt by his successor as Attorney-General, Kep Enderby, in the final year of the Whitlam Government. After the election, education was made free, including university study.

Thus, a Murphy appointment meant the almost certain loss of a seat in the closely divided Senate at the next election. I can remember my boyhood days when films portrayed negroes as monkeys. The referendum enabled the Commonwealth to accept wider but not exclusive responsibility for Aboriginal affairs.

The Aboriginal Loans Commission was initiated to assist Indigenous Australians with the purchase of property with a view to home ownership, as well as to help establish Indigenous-owned businesses and pay for health and education expenses.

Paul Hasluck, Paterson Brokensha, Perth, The Government accepts that it is now essential to give significant further encouragement to develop a multicultural attitude in Australian society.

He recognised that in order for a country to be seen as truly independent, it needed to support and be proud of its own culture. Part One of the paper reviews the evolution of Australia's federal multicultural policies between their introduction in the s up to the period of the federal election.

Choose Type of service. Yet, Enderby argued, it was important to recognise that laws also exist to express the feelings of a civilised society. It is true that the legal mechanism of complaint handling must be put into a larger social context.

It will foster the retention of the cultural heritage of different ethnic groups and promote intercultural understanding. Public surveys demonstrate strong public support for cultural diversity.

As constitutional lawyer George Williams notes, however, the effect of this standard should not be overstated.

Things you didn't know Gough Whitlam did

Minister Holding tabled Dr H. Whitlam was the first of the new-style Labor leaders. The evolution of multiculturalism as Australian Government policy Inthe Curtin Government established Australia's first Department of Immigration in order to manage the post-war immigration of migrants and displaced persons.

The Family Law Act provided for no-fault divorce while the Racial Discrimination Act caused Australia to ratify United Nations conventions against racial discrimination that Australia had signed under Holt, but which had never been ratified.

Yet it seems unfair to expect that a single piece of legislation could, on its own, transform a political culture.

It was for this reason we established the Review. There followed three weeks of constitutional crisis as the parties confronted each other in Parliament and the country. On what became known as the "Night of the Long Prawns", Country Party members entertained Gair at a small party in the office of Senator Ron Maunsellto delay him visiting the Senate President to tender his resignation.

Overview Of The Dismissal

The Victorian Government asked the Commonwealth to legislate when a land claims bill failed to pass after significant opposition from the Legislative Council. An advisory body, the Council was comprised of three eminent non-Indigenous people: The law has also been a practical instrument, providing a civil protection against discrimination and vilification.

The Menzies Government — The Menzies Government presided over a period that saw growing support for a policy of greater Commonwealth involvement in Aboriginal affairs.

He campaigned against racism and media monopolies, supported an Australian republic and acted as Chairman of Care Australia. Another successful reform implemented by the Whitlam government was increased spending on education and the abolishment of university fees.

Gough Whitlam retired from Parliament infollowing another massive election defeat in This reflects the lack of a constitutional guarantee of racial non-discrimination. It was not until that the White Australia policy was completely abolished.

But only on seven occasions have such cases succeeded, demonstrating the unfulfilled potential of the legislation. Eventually state and federal ministers agreed local authorities would be created for the former reserves and the land leased to the newly created councils for fifty years.

The s saw the growth of political movements critical of discriminatory measures, demanding the extension of rights, equal wages and campaigning for a referendum to change the Constitution and give the Commonwealth powers over Aboriginal affairs.

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Importantly, Aboriginal arts were formally recognised as a distinct board and given a seat at the table. Innon-Europeans with 15 years residence in Australia were allowed to become citizens. The resolution and speeches stressed the need for full citizenship rights for all Aboriginal people, that degree of descent or fairness of skin should not dictate access to rights, that the Commonwealth should have greater control over Aboriginal affairs and that Aborigines should be involved in policy decisions and their implementation.

The statement emphasised that government has a responsibility to 'maintain a just, inclusive and cohesive society'. His legacy in the field of health care is as simple and profound as that. Civil rights movements against racial segregation influenced a younger generation of Australians.

Abolished the death penalty Photo:. Gough Whitlam was Prime Minister from tothe first Labor Prime Minister since Labor’s reform plan, dubbed ‘the Program’, was immediately put.

Whitlam Government Made a Significant Impact on Social Reform in Australia WHITLAM GOVERNMENT RESPONSE The Whitlam government made a significant contribution to social reform in Australia through the implementation of key domestic policies. Gough Whitlam's government did many things, but it did not abolish the death penalty in Victoria or any other State.

Murder is an offence under State law and its punishment is a matter for each.

Whitlam Government Made a Significant Impact on Social Reform in Australia Essay

WHITLAM GOVERNMENT RESPONSE The Whitlam government made a significant contribution to social reform in Australia through the implementation of key domestic policies. These domestic policies focused on promoting social equality for various minority groups, which had suffered injustice in the past.

These groups included Aboriginals, women and migrants. The legislative program of the Whitlam government was groundbreaking and fast-paced. A whole raft of legislation covering existing and new areas of government activity was passed.

Infor example, Bills were passed, 46 more than the previous record of in After the “liberation” of Saigon inthe Whitlam government did little to take in or help Vietnamese refugees.

A Gallup poll taken in early May indicated that 54 per cent of Australians believed Vietnamese refugees should be allowed to enter Australia: 61 per cent of Coalition voters and 51 per cent of Labor voters were in favour.

The Whitlam Government and the Racial Discrimination Act Whitlam government made a significant impact
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