Values in tension

How best to assure that Rachel and her baby get appropriate medical care while respecting hospital policy and the wishes of the parents.

Thinking About Values in Tension

Who are the primary stakeholders in this problem. Alternatively, certain other companies in similar situations as Levi Strauss may choose to simply instruct their suppliers to disengage the child labourers — without bearing any responsibility for the aftermath of such disengagement which would most likely further impoverish the children and their families while not making it easier for them to attend school.

In view of the foregoing example, the need for a balancing act of sorts has been clearly recognized by Donaldson as being required to define the ethics of a company in cross-cultural business contexts.

To be effective, we need to know how to be both accountable and generous, when to listen and when to lead, how to be audacious while practicing humility. I endorse the rules of engagement, which ought to be established, combined with some great tips from current studies by Johnson, and Donaldson, as follows: Which issue frames the values in tension.

Basically, the writer told the story of how companies go abroad and leave their good manners at home. On the other hand, Levi Strauss agreed to undertake the responsibility of paying tuition fees and providing school uniforms and books for the children — an arrangement that made it possible for the company to uphold its standard principles and ethical values while also rendering corporate social responsibility efforts that benefits the host country on a long term basis Levi Strauss, ND.

In so doing, they essentially recognize the inevitable cultural differences between their home country and the host country, and simply accept the prevailing situation see Donaldson and Dunfee,p.

After exploring many scenarios, including the execution of a Chinese pg. At best, such a company might be satisfied that they do not directly employ children that are under the age of 14, and therefore do not bear ethical responsibilities over the decision of their relatively independent suppliers to do such — especially given that such practices are essentially acceptable and widespread in the context of the Bangladeshi business environment.

This was the key thing that I take with me from this article, that it takes practice. At Acumenwe recognize the same need in the world and in our daily work. We wanted to say out loud what we know to be true: Duty not to interfere with competent staff in doing their jobs. Related Introduction A classical dilemma that is associated with international business ethics is the tension between standards of behaviour that companies are used to in their main country of operations, and the different standards that exist in the foreign countries that host their overseas operations Singer, In this case, the ambiguous boundaries or gray zone of ethical behaviour would make it well within the rights of such manager to argue that they have behaved ethically and in line with their corporate principles of not only forbidding the direct employment of child labourers, but also rejecting the use of child labourers by their suppliers.

He gave some examples that illustrated what would not be acceptable in America yet, is tolerated in other countries. The answer to this question may be sought in examining the case of Levi Strauss in Bangladesh.

Our challenge now is to design better systems altogether to merge the best of market forces with a much larger commitment to building the kind of society in which all of us have a chance to thrive, to win, and -- always -- to contribute. Harvard Business Review, 74 5. Values in Tension: Ethics Away from Home.

Harvard Business Review, 74(5), In the article, Values in Tension: Ethics Away From Home, Thomas Donaldson questioned how leaders evaluate, consider and develop ethical leadership abroad. LDR Paper One Case Analysis of Values in Tension Article 1.

RunningHead: Case Analysisof ValuesinTensionEthicsAwayfromHome Article Case Analysis of the “Values in Tension: Ethics Away from Home” Article Ardavan A. Shahroodi Northeastern University LDR The Ethical Leader Dr.

Thinking About Values in Tension

Hernan Murdock Thursday, October 2, 2. Donaldson, T. () “Values in Tension: Ethics away from Home”, Harvard Business Review, 74(5): Donaldson, T. and Dunfee, T. W. () “When Ethics Travel: The Promise and Peril of Global Business Ethics”, California Management Review, 41(4), Values in Tension: Nigeria agreed to take highly toxic polychlorinated bipbenyls.

Unprotected local workers, wearing thongs and shorts, unloaded barrels of PCBs and placed them near a residential area. For each value tension, identify one or more design features that favors one of the values over the other.

Value tensions occur when sup-porting one value in a technology challenges another value (e.g., sharing more information in a social networking system may.

Indeed, the dilemma or tension that may characterize companies’ values and ethics in international business settings is very clearly highlighted by one example cited by Donaldson pertaining to the lawful execution of a local employee of a US firm in China after he was caught stealing and subsequently reported to the authorities by his manager.

Values in tension
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