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Elements that do not match exactly, such as a nickname or maiden name, will likely cause a rejection. The EMPI may also include a unique identifier to refer to a patient across the entire enterprise, called an enterprise user ID.

Data integrity To ensure data integrity, an EMPI must contain only one complete, consistent and accurate record for each patient registered within the healthcare organization. It may link several smaller MPIs together, such as those from outpatient clinics and rehabilitation facilities.

Deterministic matching, also called exact match logic, looks for an exact match of the data elements in a patient record. An active EMPI deployment means the application is used on the front end during patient registration and scheduling.

This information provides a clear and complete view of an individual patient, as well as a large-scale view of the demographics with which a healthcare organization is working.

A passive EMPI deployment is used on the back end, with identification occurring after the registration process. Patient data is typically only kept in the EMPIs of hospitals at which they are registered, as well as in the EHRs of the ambulatory providers and specialists they see.

By keeping this data well-organized, hospitals can provide more efficient and accurate care for their patients.

An EMPI ensures that every patient is represented only once, and with constant demographic identification within all systems of hospital data. One of the first steps to ensuring the integrity of patient data is to know what is in the EMPI by analyzing the data to find duplicate records or other errors.

This arrangement makes the EMPI a key component in enabling health data analytics en route to population health management. An enterprise master patient index EMPI is a database that is used to maintain consistent and accurate information about each patient registered by a healthcare organization.

It may then be necessary to use advanced algorithms to further identify duplicate records. Calculating the EMPI error rate To calculate the EMPI error rate, divide the total number of duplicate patient records in the database by the total number of records multiplied by Because EMPIs store data in the same format, they can function as the source of health information exchange between healthcare facilities.

The higher the score, the higher the probability that there is a match between two records. Therefore, maintaining consistency across different EHR systems and EMPIs is essential for reducing medical errors and improving patient care.

An EMPI can also aggregate patient data contained in separate systems within one facility.

The EMPI can use record-matching algorithms to identify duplicate records; however, some algorithms only identify exact matches, and they can miss duplicates that have small inconsistencies, such as one mistyped digit. Probabilistic matching assigns a rank to different data elements based on a preset acceptable level of certainty and scores the likelihood that two or more records belong to the same patient.

This technology determines whether records belong to the same patient or if more research is needed. Lab systems, radiology information systems and computerized physician order entry systems generate unique patient identifiers that can be connected to an MPI.

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I have run this application previously using Open MPI.

enterprise master patient index (EMPI)

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Mpimaster print inc mpi
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